Intro to Illustrator

Dear Students
This page is the one-stop resource for everything we do in class!
You will be able to find links to Slide content, Kahoot quizzes and more resources below!

- Please note that these resources are only available for the duration of the course -


Students should bring a USB to class to ensure they have a copy of their work.
You ‘can’ save on the student laptops, however your files may be deleted. So hook a USB on a lanyard and keep it handy!

Homework Assignments

Due October 24th
Create a simple logo like drawing. Please keep the following in mind:

  • Draw on clear white paper, not lined

  • Outline your drawing clearly with a black pen when it is completed

  • The drawing should at least take up half the space of an A4 size paper, do not make it too small.

  • This drawing will be used as a template to practice the Pen Tool in the upcoming class.

Teacher to Teacher recommendations

[ This area will grow as class progresses ]

  • Create relevant templates for students to practice tools in: What are the kids into, what is funny, what creates laughter in the class?

  • Have a clear outline for what tools are being taught and how it will be useful to them as students. Why am I learning this?

  • Share before and after screenshots with students, younger students work better with with an end goal to work towards.

    • This also generates interest in the subject and sets a standard for the quality of work that is expected from them

  • Do not assume a student’s technical knowledge. VERY IMPORTANT
    It is always better to be overly verbose in your approach when teaching complex programs where many tools / steps are involved:

    • Describe what icons look like

    • Describe what the cursor should look like when a tool is selected

    • Point out the general location of the tool every time

      • Example:

        “Let’s switch over to the selection tool”


        ”We are switching to the selection tool.
        It is on the left side of your tool set, right at the top.
        It looks like the outline of an arrowhead and is not filled in.
        Your cursor now looks like this”

        [Teacher moves the cursor on the screen in circular motions]

  • Familiarize students with tools, tips and tricks on how to use the program before getting into a class project.
    Having even basic knowledge will help them navigate their creativity better without constant interruptions that create frustration

  • Classes like this provide a lot of knowledge in a short period of time and can be overwhelming. Break up your “teaching” with:

    • Class exercises - Short periods of time where the kids can experiment and work on something

    • Kahoot review quizzes - Recap shortcuts, tools and bring some movement, music and fun into your classroom

    • Traditional drawing - Digital artist don’t just use Digital tools!
      Going back to pen and paper and then digitizing their creations can be a fun experience that is also a valuable teaching tool.

SLIDE LINKS & Class Activity recap

Lesson 1

  • Slide Set

  • Verbose Teacher Notes Example

    • This is how I create notes for teaching children to ensure:

      • I do not go too fast in my delivery

      • Too far ahead with content that is not “planned”

      • Or assume their knowledge.

    • When you teach a class using a method like this, you will start to gauge an understanding for steps and time.
      Something like: “Oh okay, 25 steps is half an hour with this group, or 45 minutes”
      This is really great for class time management and content planning

  • Class Exercise files [ Link will be added soon ]

  • Illustrator Shortcuts


[ Content will be added here soon ]


[ Content will be added here soon ]