WELCOME TO JUNIOR ROBOTICS at The Bishop Strachan School


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Hello, parents, this is a journal page to keep you up to date with the content and progress of our junior robotics class.

Grades 1 - in our first session, we covered two essential topics, Mechanical components and Electrical components of a robot. With that, we jumped into our STEM craft, our little Robot friend. He uses batteries to power a mini LED light that mimics our electrical component inside a robot.

A big part of our class this past Monday was learning about Circuits. Our students used Circuit maker to try and make their lights and fans work,

Next week we will introduce Ozobot. Our Microbot has a colour sensor that reads code written in blocks of colour.

For our Grades 2 to 3 students were introduced to Lego Wedo. Our students build our basic Milo Rover. The class is composed of 3 phases:

1) Learn phase: What are we building?

2) Build Phase: Hands-on building our first robot

3) Test Phase: test our creations!

Please bookmark this page to follow along with our progress!

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Hello, parents, Here is the progress for our junior robotics class # 2, September 30.

Grades 1 - in our second session, students were introduced to battery power. How do batteries work? To reinforce our topic students watched a short video that allowed us to run a short Q & A session.

Our exercise for the class evolved around Circuit Maker and, making our sound system work. Our students are also working on a craft that involves making a night light powered with batteries!

In our grades 2 and 3 class; we learned about pulling and what makes objects move! While building and programming LEGO WeDo robots, students explored the forces that affect movement! At the end of class, their robot was able to move across the room/and or pull an object behind it!


Hello parents, here is a quick update for our class number 3 for Junior Robotics. Our grade 1 class finalized their STEM craft that explained how batteries work; we attached an LED light and finished our fancy night lights. Afterwards, our students were introduced to our fun Microbot: Ozobot. Ozobot likes to read colour coded blocks to advance and go around a track.

In our Lego we Do class students build their race cars, each car used code blocks to move, we had a fun race car to test our bots.


In our class today students discussed our robot of the week: Microbots & Nanobots. What are Microbots? What are some of your favourites? What could Nanobots be used for?

On our second part of class our students were introduced to making a track where Ozobot would move around, students use colour codes to get our Ozobot to grandma’s house.

In our Lego we Do class students build their race cars, each car used code blocks to move, we had a fun race car to test our bots.


 In our grades 2 and 3 class, students learned how pulleys work, they build and programmed a rescue helicopter that enabled a basket to be lowered down to rescue our Lego Panda.

For our grades 1, students continue to discuss microbots and nanobots; we also had students create their own Ozobot stories using our colour block codes and to end our class, students were introduced to Dash our next robot!