DISCOVERY - Lego Story Starter

Hello parents and welcome to LEGO Story! The focus of our class is to help our students create stories and visualize them. We assist them with organizing their ideas and telling their story from beginning to end using our cameras and LEGO Story Visualizer software.



In this class, we created ideas for LEGO stories in groups of 2-3. We gave the the kids different story types (action, horror, love, etc.) and a list of settings that those stories could take place in. They then proceeded to make plots for their stories and turn them into storyboards. We ended the lesson by getting the students to build out the scenes from their comics with physical LEGO bricks.



In this class, students finished building our LEGO scenes they developed their characters. Students started taking pictures of their builds to assemble them in the LEGO Story Visualizer software. In following classes, we’ll be focusing on filling in the text for the stories so that the groups can present to one another and give/receive feedback on their works.


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