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The following student resource pages should be updated weekly or bi-weekly as classes are in session and are a great way to keep parents and students up-to date with:

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Private Schools

Bss Junior Robotics

Young Learners

Discovery Lego Story
Discovery Scratch

Learn To Code 1
Intro to HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Teens Intro to HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Learn To Code 2

The Big Code Review (HTML, CSS & Python)
Advanced Coding with Java

Digital Art

Photoshop Portfolio Projects

Python Weekends

Intro To Python

Video Game Design

Video Game Design Kids
Video Game Design Teens
Video Game Project: Treasure Hunt RPG


FLL Team Page 2018 - 2019

Private Classes

Python Adult (Christine Egy)
Python Teen (Jala Abdel)
Seniors Private (Alexandra Lowery)


Wordpress Workshops
Boomers and Zoomers (Seniors Class)