2018 - 2019 FLL Robotics Team Page

Dear Student and Parents,
Use this page to keep track of news, schedule changes, homework assignments
and the team’s overall progress! Scroll through the page for different departments and
a gallery of all our hard work!



Saturday, JANUARY 12

(please know this is an all day event)

7 AM to 6 PM Location:

Campus recreational Centre

2000 Simcoe St N, Oshawa ON

W4V2+JH Oshawa, Ontario


Here is the link to the article: https://www.beachmetro.com/2018/12/29/the-cubes-team-no-signal-ready-to-take-its-first-lego-league-project-to-provincial-championships/

schedule Dec- JAn


Team VISIT to SENECA’s vertical farm project

Team Community Outreach at Evergreen Brick works

(all teams)

Please work on your presentation homework
on the google doc for your team
Please scroll through the page to see if there is any ‘additional team specific’ homework as well

The links are below (as well as the presentation format to follow)
You will be required to present on Friday with your team

The instructions are on each of the google doc links below:

Experiment team:

Click here to access the document

Research team:

Click here to access the document

Programming team:

Click here to access the document

We express the FIRST philosophies of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition through our Core Values:

Discovery: We explore new skills and ideas. 

Innovation: We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.

Impact: We apply what we learn to improve our world.

Inclusion: We respect each other and embrace our differences.

Teamwork: We are stronger when we work together.

Fun: We enjoy and celebrate what we do!

Presentation Format

Up until now, you’ve all been practicing your public speaking and getting comfortable with having to present often. Now we will focus on the questions that you need to answer to give an informative presentation, so that your audience will walk away knowing and understanding what you worked on. You need to be able to answer the following questions clearly to give a good presentation:

What is your main topic?

What do you want your audience to understand by the end of the presentation?

Break down your topic into subtopics:

  • If it’s a design or program:

    • What is the purpose of your design? What is it supposed to accomplish (in one sentence)?

    • What are the main functions of your design?

    • How does each function work?

    • How is each function related to one another?

  • If it’s experimentation:

    • What is your experiment? (The topic and explain how you’re doing it).

    • Why are you doing this?

    • What do you want to see happen?

    • What have you observed so far?

    • How have you logged it?

    • If you’ve encountered any problems, how have you solved them?

What are your next steps?

On top of answering these questions, you must speak clearly, professionally, at a normal pace, and at a volume where everyone can hear you.

programming team

The Code Plan
[ Refer to the document above to help in critical thinking with the code ]

Work In Progress of No Signal Code

Graphical Element with comments has been added to the folder link above (GreenSquare.py)
Changes to code have been sent to emails (Children should have been working on it as H/W as discussed last Saturday)

Work In Progress Digital Version of Paper Prototype

FLL Diagram (Programming Team Work).jpg

Liam’s Current Homework Assignment:

  • Draw a diagram that will explain why the program you and Maddie are designing / prototyping is a support system for the Into Orbit project. Transfer this diagram to a digital version (google slides) with animations, so you can use it with your presentation

  • Remember: I drew a diagram on the process of what we’re doing and what we’re aiming towards, on the whiteboard.
    You can refer to my diagram, but in the end your diagram will be quite different because you’re using it to explain something different. Refer to the presentation questions above while you’re working on this.

  • Continue getting the paper prototype to display in your code. You should have the num pad drawing on screen. (Code has been emailed to you)

  • Thumbs up!

Maddie’s Current Homework Assignment:

  • Practise presenting, you can do it for sure!

  • Continue getting the paper prototype to display in your code. You should have the num pad drawing on screen. (Code has been emailed to you)

  • Thumbs up!

Paper Prototype Ideas / Examples

Paper Prototype So Far

research team

The research team has decided on a design for the competition! It’s called the Tower of Peas-a or TOP for short. Check out their design process below. It’s fantastic!

We tested the functionality of our watering system yesterday. Take a look at our progress!

experiment team

The plants are growing! Good job experiment team. Don’t forget to make sure that the plants have enough water and that your observations are being logged in your google docs and sheets.

Watering Schedule:

Monday - Eren

Wednesday - Charlotte

Thursday - Ava

Sunday - Eren

Links to our logs:

Written Logs

Data Logs

Robotics team

We’ve started completing some of our missions for competition day! Take a look at some of our awesome progress.

1. Mateo’s Mission

2. Liam’s Mission

Design review

We have a design review coming up with our expert Taryn Tomlinson, the Chief of Staff at the CSA. The team has come up with questions to ask her. See below:

Programming Team

  1. How long does it take to build a rocket?

  2. Will tiers work in space with 16 plants?

Research Team

  1. Where is the electricity aboard the space shuttle from?

  2. Are there any other important details that you know of that could affect the plants growth?

  3. Since there is low gravity what would you say would be the best solution to accommodate that fact and to make sure nothing is floating?

  4. What size plants would be good to grow since the ISS has limited space?

  5. Do you have any advice on what other details we should research to make sure our design is ready for space?

  6. How is the ISS powered?

  7. Have you seen a design like ours before? Do you have any suggestions on how we could make it more unique?

Experiment Team

  1. Is there enough water on the ISS to support vertical farming for 16 plants?

  2. Is there enough room on the ISS to support our solution? Should we make it smaller or bigger?

  3. Are they able to have carbonated water in space to make the plants grow faster?

  4. Are there any specific plants/veggies that could grow faster in space?

  5. Can our design be powered by solar energy in space?