100% refund on the purchase up to 10 days before class start date.
50% refund eligible up to 4 days before class start date.
NO refund is available within 3 days of class start date.


The Cube wants to ensure a safe and positive atmosphere for all. Students must be on their best behaviour. Should your child misbehave even after verbal warnings, cause repeated unnecessary disruptions, interfere with other students, or not listen to nor follow instructor's direction, the student will be removed from the class without a refund.

Class time cannot be interrupted. Parents and guardians must remain outside of the class space and cannot speak to the teacher until class time has ended.

Students that are dropped off for classes must be picked up in a timely manner and cannot be left unattended.


The Cube may take photographs of students during class for social media. Students names are not included in the slide show or postings.



If a class is missed, the teacher will provide the student with a default file to work from, but will not be able to provide one-on-one tutoring during class time. Depending on the missed material, a private catch-up session may be arranged prior to the next class. If multiple classes are missed, a private session will be required.

Private catch-up sessions are $30 + HST per 30 minutes of tutoring. It is highly encouraged for parents and students to review previous class files at home.


Please be advised that if a student significantly damages The Cube’s technology, there may be a repair fee.