adults: private 1 on 1 classes


Private sessions at The Cube are a great way to get introduced to a variety of technology subjects.

Have you ever been curious about a certain subject, but do not see it offered anywhere?

Or if it was, it's not exactly quite what you're looking for? 

The course you're looking for is open to discussion! A tech teacher may conduct an initial meet and greet with you to assess your skill level, your expectations for the course and a schedule for upcoming classes. 

These are some courses that have been previously taught at The Cube in private sessions:

  • Introduction to WordPress with a hands-on approach to building your first website

  • Introduction to Photoshop and getting started with tools and project pieces

  • Coding in Python (Introductory and Intermediate Level)

  • YouTube : A hands-on course on Content Creation

  • Computer Basics for Everyday Use for Seniors

Please note, we do not run classes on the following dates:
February 16 / Family Day Weekend
March 11 - March 16 / March Break
April 19 - April 22 / Easter Weekend
May 18 - May 20 / Victoria Day Weekend


You may be interested in a private one-on-one class if you:

  • Are unable to signup to a scheduled class but are interested in a specific course

  • Are interested in a particular technology subject that can be tailored to your needs

  • Prefer one-on-one teacher-student interactions as you feel you learn better and can ask more questions

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