In this class, our younger students get an intro to game design in the Unity3D game engine. They learned how to navigate the program, followed along with some C# coding, and how to build games that they can run on their home PCs. Their first project was a 3D Ball game where they roll around and find collectables while avoiding stage hazards. They designed their own environments and modified the variables of the scripts to suit their preferences.

Their next project had them working in 2D on a clone of the classic Breakout. They were able to design as many levels as they wanted, create new brick types, add in new backgrounds, and change the menu text to their liking. This gave them the experience of completing a proper, multi-stage game.

video game design projects (Kids)

Projects in the following video have been created by:

  • Jack D'Cruz
  • Matthew Hamilton
  • Riley Vrbanic
  • Max Piekenbrock
  • Colin Gordon
  • Jack Kelso

Our Unity Beginners course offers older students the chance to learn the Unity3D game engine. The students learned to navigate the game engine, design environments, tweak settings, and write C# code. Their first project was a 3D tank game in which two players compete against each other from one keyboard.

They built the world out of a set of imported models which they turned into working obstacles and even added environmental destruction through coding and project settings. Their next project, while simpler in Unity, gave them more experience writing code.

They created text adventures to tell an interactive story of their own design. They conceptualized, mapped out, and implemented their stories in C# to be displayed in Unity.


Projects in the following video have been created by:

  • Colin Henderson
  • Jackson Dowler
  • Dastaan Sedghi
  • Henoke Endale


The Unity Project class is a collaborative course in which every student contributes to the same game. Over the length of the course, we assembled two games: Cube Zombies and Block Breaker. Cube Zombies is a survival game in which players must gather resources to survive in a cube-styled zombie apocalypse.

Each student designed areas to be added to one large map and some created their own separate levels as well. Their Block Breaker game allowed for each student to build as many levels as possible to be added to one full game. In the end, we had 23 fully playable levels, with a level selection menu to go between them if you get stuck on one in continuous play mode.


Projects in the following video have been created by:

  • Jack Forbigger
  • Quintin C Arstens
  • Christopher Evans
  • Karl Veracombe
  • Zack Paton
  • Simon Aloise