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This registration form is only for late sign-ups and not for general registrations. For official registrations and payment, please visit the class and camp pages.

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Verify your Epi Pen, as shelving life for some Epi Pens should not be longer than 1 year according to most manufacturers' guidelines. If your child uses an Epi Pen, please ensure that they bring it to camp!
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CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY: 100% refund on the purchase up to 10 days before class start date. 50% refund eligible up to 4 days before class start date. NO refund is available within 3 days of class start date. CAMP / PA DAY CANCELLATION POLICY: 100% refund on the purchase up to 20 days before camp start date. 50% refund eligible up to 15 days before camp start date. NO refund is available up to 14 days before camp start date. GENERAL EXPECTATIONS: The Cube wants to ensure a safe and positive atmosphere for all. Students must be on their best behaviour. Should your child misbehave even after verbal warnings, cause repeated unnecessary disruptions, interfere with other students, mistreat equipment, or not listen to nor follow instructor's direction, the student will be removed from the class without a refund. Class time cannot be interrupted. Parents and guardians must remain outside of the class space and must wait until class time has ended to speak with the teacher. Students that are dropped off for classes and camps must be picked up in a timely manner and cannot be left unattended. CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY NOTICE: Please be aware that The Cube may take photographs of students during class activities for social media. Students' names are not included in postings. CAMP / PA DAY PHOTOGRAPHY NOTICE: The Cube School takes pictures of campers throughout camp weeks. At the end of each week, we will post these pictures on a private, password-protected webpage for parents to view. Pictures may include class activities, outdoor activities, and projects kids have worked on. MISSED CLASSES: If a class is missed, the teacher will provide the student with a default file to work from, but will not be able to provide one-on-one tutoring during class time. Depending on the missed material, a private catch-up session may be arranged prior to the next class. If multiple classes are missed, a private session will be required. DAMAGED TECHNOLOGY: Please be advised that if a student significantly damages The Cube’s technology, there may be a repair fee. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: During The Cube camps and PA days, we will be going outside to our local neighbourhood parks for playtime (weather permitting).
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Everyone needs to bring a USB drive. The Cube is not responsible for storing any project work for the students.

Access to the Internet is strictly monitored.

The pace of lessons depends on student's own tempo. The Cube does not guarantee completion of a project after each class.

Please call us at 416-686-1820 or email if you have any questions.