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Write a program that mimics a chatbot!
Refer to code that you’ve already worked on!

Your program should make use of decision making through if-elif and else conditions.
To make the program seem more “intelligent”, remember that you can nest decision checks (if-elif condition branching)
within other decision checks.

Your program should continue back and forth with the player (user) for a minimum of 8 questions.

For eg:

What is your name?
Hey Amina! It’s great to meet you!
What is your fav color?
Well that’s a bright color! What’s your fav food to eat, all the time?
Omg yes, all things potato forever!
Etc etc

In the example above, the conversation maintained itself back and forth for 3 questions.
Feel free to have fun with this assignment, and make it yours!

If you encounter errors, try your best to fix them, they’ll most likely be one of the following:

  1. Spelling Mistakes / Incorrect Keywords

  2. Missing Symbols

  3. Weird Indents

  4. Sometimes the bug is on the previous line rather than where the red highlight is happening

homework assignment 1

  • Add in dev messages:

    • Whenever you’re jumping to a new method - Something like:
      DEV MESSAGE: Going to LoadCourseOptions()

    • This is so that you can easily follow the flow of code. You can always remove print statements later

  • Add in os.system('clear'):

    • Whenever you’re jumping to a new menu

    • This is so that you’re only seeing the menu you’re currently concerned with

  • Add in spaces in your menu:

    • So that the option is separated from the “Press 1” type options

    • This is mostly for visual clarity

Slide Links

Intro to Object Oriented Programming

Python Programming Challenges

Tic-Tac-Toe: Understanding the Design

Intermediate Challenges


SQL Beginners Tutorial (W3schools)

Unified Modelling Language (UML) Tutorial

Text Adventure Story Template

Python String Formatting

Share Code Easily (Pre-Formatted)

Review Code using CodingBat


You can ‘preview’ a Kahoot to play it and it will open up the
teachers view and the mobile view on your screen. Just don’t cheat! :D

Object Oriented Programming

Python Debugging Challenge

General Python Quiz

FILE Downloads

Need files we worked on in class? Check out this section!

  • If the file link is broken or the files are a link to an older version, get in touch with your teacher at

  • Keep in mind that these are teachers copies of the files and as such are not the customized versions of your work

Course Registration Program

Story Text Adventure Game

Hangman Game

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

[Currently looking for some of the files haha]


VS Code Editor (Advanced Integrated Development Environment)

Download File Here

  • After installing, open up visual studio code and click the boxy white icon on the left side of the screen (Extensions)

  • Type in Python in the search bar that appears and download the first Python that pops up in the search list

  • You may have to restart VS Code to see the Python Extension install

Python Editor Idle ( Download for either Mac OS or Windows OS here )


  • When editing a python file, right click to ‘Edit with Idle’


  • Press F5(windows) or FN + F5 (Mac) on your keyboard

  • To setup function keys (F1, F2, F3 etc.) on your Mac with FN key:

    • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu

    • Click Keyboard

    • Click the Keyboard tab if it's not already highlighted

    • Select "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys”

coding jokes

Because we all need a bit of clever-funny in our lives