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Please bring a USB to all classes to save your work. You can save locally on the computers however there is no guarantee that those files will remain there as the computers are shared between students from other classes.


Current Homework Assignment / Due June 8th

Create a program that calculates a class average.
(Do scroll down to the downloads section to download the file from lesson 2)

There are 10 students in the class and their scores are as follows:

  • 40

  • 50

  • 5

  • 99

  • 55

  • 20

  • 96

  • 39

  • 49

  • 100

In order to calculate the class average you would use the math equation below:

Sum of all scores in class
Class Average = —————————————
Number of Students

This is the final result using the calculation above:

Sum of all scores in class = 553
Class Average = 553 / 10 = 55.3

Use your knowledge from the following code structures to solve this problem:

  • Variables and how to store a value

  • For loops in order to repeat a code block

  • Arrays and indexes, how to create a list of items

  • Print statements to display your final result

Remember you are CODE STITCHING, so before you start coding right away:

Write multiple line comments which will act as pseudo code and list out the steps you would take to solve this in english sentences FIRST.
Use pen and paper too (or a trusty whiteboard if you have one!) and refer to any code we worked on in class as well for ideas!
If your pseudo code is accurate - translating from english to code becomes much easier because your understanding of the logic is
already fully thought out :)

homework assignment 2 / due 24th november 2018


homework assignment 1 / Due 17 th November 2018

Continue working on your chat bot and show me your progress for next class :)
Remember to show it to an audience - even your mom! and let them play through it

Slide Links

The if-elif-else conditions, boolean and arrays


You can ‘preview’ a Kahoot to play it and it will open up the
teachers view and the mobile view on your screen. Just don’t cheat! :D

Jala Quiz 1
Jala Quiz 2

FILE Downloads

Need files we worked on in class? Check out this section!

  • If the file link is broken or the files are a link to an older version, get in touch with your teacher at staff@thecubeschool.ca:

  • Keep in mind that these are teachers copies of the files and as such are not the customized versions of your work

Teacher’s Copy (Session 1) Download
Jala’s Work in Progress Chat Bot Download
Teacher’s Copy (Session 2) Download


Share Code Easily (Pre-Formatted)


Python Editor Idle ( Download for either Mac OS or Windows OS here )


  • When editing a python file, right click to ‘Edit with Idle’


  • Press F5(windows) or FN + F5 (Mac) on your keyboard

  • To setup function keys (F1, F2, F3 etc.) on your Mac with FN key:

    • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu

    • Click Keyboard

    • Click the Keyboard tab if it's not already highlighted

    • Select "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys”

MAC VS Code Editor (Advanced Integrated Development Environment)

Download File Here

  • After installing, open up visual studio code and click the boxy white icon on the left side of the screen (Extensions)

  • Type in Python in the search bar that appears and download the first Python that pops up in the search list

  • You may have to restart VS Code to see the Python Extension install

coding jokes

Because we all need a bit of clever-funny in our lives